Laurice Fox is a born and raised New Yorker from Alphabet City/East Village.


Growing up in one of the most influential fashion capitals of the world, she was always tempted by the latest footwear trends, yet could never indulge due to her shoe size. She wears a Women’s US 11.5/12 and like most women with bigger feet, has struggled to find stylish, nonetheless comfortable shoes in-store and online.


After decades of living without footwear that she would be proud and happy to rock through the streets of any city, Fox is consciously and ethically releasing these styles for her big-footed community who resonate with the brand ethos of BIG FOOT ENERGY.


LAURICE FOX shoe designs take into consideration everything and everyone that represents being BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL. 


With a large focus on sustainability, which already includes our styles being offered in a limited size run–we slowly release new styles in smaller quantities. 


Hand-made in Mexico, our shoes are crafted with eco-conscious materials. Our contemporary designs emulate what has been taken-for-granted by the standard size run and are made for the gender-fluid fashion enthusiast and modern-day professional who is constantly on the move.


Exuding confidence in who they are, our clients embody BIG FOOT ENERGY.


  • Delivering contemporary and sustainable style options for an underserved market
  • Comfort & Inclusivity
  • Sustainable Production
    • Intentional & Conscious Design
    • Limited releases
    • Eco-conscious materials
    • Waste minimization